Cookie policy


When you visit the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) of VISIOMED GROUP SA, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 514 231 265 and whose registered office is located at 1 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 92800 PUTEAUX (hereinafter referred to as
VISIOMED GROUP“), cookies are stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The VISIOMED GROUP website is designed to be particularly attentive to the needs and expectations of users.

This is one of the reasons why VISIOMED GROUP uses cookies to allow users to share content on social networks and to carry out statistical measurements to improve the experience offered.

The present policy on the use of cookies allows users to better understand how cookies work and how to use the current tools to set them.

Article 1: Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a small text file stored on the user’s computer when visiting the Site. The purpose of cookies is to collect information about their browsing on the Site and to enable VISIOMED GROUP to send them personalized services, for example.


Article 2: Goal of cookies

On the Site, VISIOMED GROUP uses three (3) types of cookies.


  • Analytical cookies: these are cookies that allow VISIOMED GROUP to know the use and performance of the Site and to improve its functioning (for example, the pages most often consulted, searches by Internet users in the search engine, etc.).
  • Social cookies: they are intended to allow users to share pages and content via third-party social networks.
  • Session cookies: they are stored on the user’s device (PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone) during a visit to the Site (called a “browser session”). They are active only while the user is exploring the Site and are deleted as soon as the user closes the browser.

    Article 3: Acceptance of cookies

    When connecting to the Site, the user is informed by the appearance of a banner of the fact that the site uses cookies and that continuing to browse the Site implies acceptance of the deposit of cookies on his or her terminal by VISIOMED GROUP.

    However, the user may at any time choose to deactivate the cookies according to the methods provided for in article 4 below.

    Article 4: Control and refusal of cookies

    Each browser’s configuration is different. It is described in the help menu of the user’s browser and allows them to know how to change their cookie preferences.

    Users can disable cookies by following the instructions below:

    1- When using Internet Explorer

    In Internet Explorer, the user must:

    • Click on the “tools” button, then on “internet options”;


    • Under the general tab, under browsing history, click on “settings”;


    • Click on the “show files” button;
    • Click on the “name” column heading to sort all files in alphabetical order, then scroll through the list until he sees files beginning with the prefix “cookie. (All cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).


    • Select the cookie or cookies containing the name “VISIOMED GROUP” and delete them.
    • Close the window containing the list of files, then click twice on OK to return to Internet Explorer.

    2- If you use Firefox

    On Firefox, the user must:

    • Go to the “tools” tab of the browser and select the “options” menu.
    • In the window that appears, choose “privacy” and click on “show cookies”.
    • Identify the files that contain the name ” VISIOMED GROUP “, select them and delete them.

    3- If you use Safari

    In the browser, the user must choose the menu Edit > Preferences.


      • Click on “Security”.
      • Click on “Show Cookies”.
      • Select the cookies that contain the name “VISIOMED GROUP” and click on “delete” or “delete all”.
      • After deleting the cookies, click on “finish”.

    4- If you use Google Chrome

    On Chrome the user must click on Settings.


    • At the bottom of the page, click on Advanced Settings.
    • In the section “Privacy and Security”, click on Content Settings Cookies.
    • Next to “Block”, “Delete data at end of session” or “Allow”, click Add.
    • Enter the web address.
    • Click on Add.

    Setting up on a cookie management platform

    Users can manage their cookies by visiting cookie management platforms offered by advertising companies.

    If the browser is configured to refuse all cookies, the user will not be able to remember his personal codes. In order to manage cookies as closely as possible to its expectations, VISIOMED GROUP invites its users to configure their browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as mentioned above.

    Article 5: Lifetime of cookies

    The duration of validity of the consent given. Consequently, the cookies have a lifetime of 13 months, not extended during new visits to the site.

    Article 6: Applicable law

    The present policy of cookies is subjected to French law.