Objectives & Strategy

Visiomed Group provides itself with the means of achieving its ambition and continuing its transformation thanks to the driving forces now anchored in its DNA: innovation, growth and profitability.

Our objectives

We place innovation, personalized diagnosis and prevention systems at the heart of our vision, with the clear objective of enhancing the value of our ecosystem and our shareholders.

Our top management and operational teams are constantly working to offer innovative, high-impact solutions to improve healthcare services and access to the greatest number of people.

We take care to activate all the levers for the perfect execution of the strategic plans of the group’s companies and for the maximization of value creation for our shareholders:

The structuring of Visiomed Group as an investment vehicle by setting up the appropriate teams and tools.

  • The optimal positioning of its subsidiaries in order to better address the virtuous circle of organic expansion;
  • Activating synergies and growth levers between the group’s various subsidiaries, in order to better meet the needs of the markets in which we operate.

Investment strategy

Visiomed Group relies on an agile structure dedicated to the support of subsidiaries and new acquisitions. We follow a selective acquisition strategy, with growth and profitability as our fundamentals.

We are constantly strengthening our presence in the healthcare services value chain through new acquisitions.

Based on our proven origination and execution capabilities, numerous opportunities are analyzed on a daily basis to enrich our portfolio of investments.


We are committed to identifying best practices and medical technologies at a global level with the aim of adapting them locally.

Our approach remains geographically agnostic. We focus on profitable growing companies with major or minor ownership.

Our tailor-made structuring, carried out by our committed management teams, is enabled by direct access to the financial markets.

This experienced team is supported by strong and diversified origination networks.